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Listen to KSRO Live on the Web!

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KSRO is now streaming on the web! You can listen to us anywhere in the world if you’ve got an internet connection.

The current distance record is a Sonoma County soldier stationed in Iraq - let us know of you’re listening from far away!

Just go to and click on the link that says “Click Here to Listen”


John Garamendi

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John Garamendi for Lieutenant Governor

John Garamendi did a great job getting the insurance companies in check, now he wants to step up to the role of Lt. Governor of California

Debra Bowen for California Secretary of State - Home

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Debra Bowen for California Secretary of State - Home

Secretary of State may sound like an unglamorous position but it may be the most important office you vote for this fall!

Time for us to go

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The Washington Monthly has a great series where conservative thinkers suggestit may actually be better if the Republicans were to lose in the November elections!


Recorded Show Archive

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Okay, okay, I’ve been slacking off… I used to catalog and upload every show at the end of each day but that got to be quite a bit of work that I ought to be spending preparing for the next show. I do, however, still upload all of the shows I do and you can find them here They’re named by date and time so it’s reasonably easy to browse the files. Hopefully someday when I get that intern (what am I - concussed?) we can index the files but in the meantime feel free to wander the aisles and sample the goods…

The Vault


Guest Spot

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What a change of pace - rather than sitting in as a guest host on Pat Thurston’s show, Pat had me come on as a guest. We talked about Ned Lamont’s solid drubbing of Joe Lieberman in the Connecticut Democratic Primary and what that’s going to mean for the Democratic Party.

Joe Lieberman’s Loss


Local Bridge Player Ranks Nationally

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Congratulations to local bridge player John McNulty who’s just been ranked as the #2 rookie bridge player in the nation! John plays at the local Santa Rosa Bridge Gallery (as do I) and he has taken to this challenging game with a lot of enthusiasm (and skill!) If the name sounds familiar, John McNulty is the father of KSRO’s own Johanna McNulty.

Check out the Santa Bridge Gallery here.

This week is Fraud Awareness Week!

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The National Crime Prevention Council is spearheading National Fraud Awareness Week. Many of these new scams are so sophisticated they sound legitimate! Check out their website at for some great tips on how to avoid being a victim of a scam.


Before You Drink Virtual Bar

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Before You Drink

The Century Council has a Virtual Bar where you can see how your blood alcohol level (BAC) goes up and down depending how what and how fast you drink


Ethics Quiz

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Match your ethics against the “Everyday Ethicist” Randy Cohen and take a simple ten quesiton Ethics Quiz - the results may surprise you!

Take the Ethics Quiz


Russian River Watch

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Now that the rainy season is upon us so is the flood season. This website is a great resource to keep informed about river levels, rainfall amounts and flood warnings.

Russian River Watch

Earthquake and Flood Preparedness

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SFGate Earthquake Preparedness
A large list of do’s and don’ts, how to make emergency supply kits so you can be ready when a natural disaster hits.

US Geological Survey
Good information on quake probabilities as well as reports on recent quakes (local and worldwide)

Real-time Russian River Levels

Worried about a flood? This California Government maintains a website with real time many readings along the Russian River


Recorded Show

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Another great show! The first hour we continued our talk about Cindy Sheehan’s vigil outside President Bush’s Crawford Texas hideout (oops, sorry, “ranch")

The second hour we talked with Sabrina Ross of the Sonoma County Housing Advocacy Group about smart growth for Santa Rosa and Sonoma County.

The third hour we talked about the NCAA’s decision to ban all Native American team names and mascots from NCAA sporting events - a step that I think goes a little too far in the name of political correctness when the Seminole Indians actually approve of their name being used by Florida State University!

Throughout the show we used music written by Carole King and performed by Aretha Franklin, The Everly Brothers, Grand Funk, Little Eva, Rod Stewart, The Beatles, The Byrds, The Drifters, The Monkees, The Shirelles and The Chiffons. She’s an incredibly prolific songwriter and she’s performing at the Luther Burbank Center this Sunday (I’m going!)

(hmmmm, it seems due to the power outage my computer didn’t properly record the show so I won’t be able to post this one online)

The Sonoma County Housing Advocacy Group

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The Sonoma County Housing Advocacy Group

HAG is the Sonoma County Housing Advocacy Group. They were started in 1998 by people concerned about the lack of affordable housing in Sonoma County. They work with other groups, including environmentalists, church groups, seniors groups, homeless advocacy groups, labor unions and housing developers to get our city councils to approve more affordable housing.


Recorded Show

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We had a great show today from start to finish… The first hour we talked to Bill Mitchell, co-founder of Bold Star Families for Peace who’s currently camped outside George W. Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas. He’s joined Cindy Sheehan at the ranch where they’re hoping to speak to the president and perhaps get some explanation about why his son was killed in a war we started under false pretenses.

The second hour we talked with Enrique Juarez of the Covering Kids & Families project (see the link below) They’re helping families who can’t afford health coverage get access to goverment programs that they’re entitled to. We also looked at a very interesting study by the Horatio Alger Association where they discovered that most teenagers would actually prefer to do more homework!

The last hour we talked Sherry Davidson of Equality California about equal access to marriage for all Californians, not just heterosexuals. Yesterday Rohnert Park joined a growing list of cities in the North Bay coming out in favor of equal access to marriage for all people.

Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3

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